Hybrid Soaker AI2 System


Hybrid Soaker System is a very absorbent double soaker system. The bottom long soaker is made with 2 layers of superfine microfibre. It is designed as a long soaker for fast drying. This long soaker is folded over into two to get 4 absorbency layers and folded over into three to get 6 absorbency layers. The top soaker is made with 2 layers of heavy weight yet soft bamboo fleece with suede cloth topped. This soaker system will give you total of 6 to 8 absorbency layers. The bamboo fabric of our soaker is made from bamboo yarn that meets Oeko-Tex® Standard 100  requirement. The absorbency is good for medium to heavy wetter. It is our most affordable AI2 soaker system for everyday, regular use.

Microfiber absorbs very well and dries quickly but may leak due to compression. It cannot be used directly on the skin. Bamboo is able to absorb and hold liquid very well. We use heavyweight yet soft bamboo fleece for additional absorption and comfort. The bamboo soaker is lined on top of the microfiber layers to enhance overall absorbency. This combination minimizes compression-leak that usually happens with microfiber alone and also prevent baby skin from touching the microfiber layer.

The top and bottom soaker have a snap to secure it on the diaper preventing insert shift. It fits perfectly in CM-TrueFit AI2 diaper shell.

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